Refund Policy

While we hope that everyone that registers for WPAFW can attend, we understand that situations arise in which it becomes infeasible. Due to this, WPAFW has created the following policies in regards to refunds, including when we can and cannot issue them:

  • For the sake of this policy, Sponsorship will be defined as any level of purchase for the event.
  • There is a refund deadline every year for Sponsorships which is the last day of Pre-registration*. For 2023, that date is SEPTEMBER 11, 2023, at 11:59 pm EST. Refund requests after this time will not be granted. Sponsorships cannot be transferred after the deadline.
  • In order to obtain a refund, please send an email to [email protected]. We will need your LEGAL NAME (first and last) and BADGE NAME in order to properly identify you for a refund. NO other method of communication will serve as official in regards to refund requests (i.e. no Twitter, Telegram, etc.).
  • Sponsorships will be refunded back to the credit card used in the purchase.
  • You may request a transfer of Sponsorship before the refund deadline. We will need the following account information about the transferee: Legal name (first and last), Badge Name, and Date of Birth. Once transferred, the Sponsorship is the property of the person whose name it is in now.
  • Sponsorships may be downgraded or upgraded before Pre-registration is closed. In the case of downgrading, a refund will be needed first. It will be open again on-site to upgrade to Sponsor only.

Event Cancelation

In the case of wpafw being cancelled sponsorships will be refunded back to the purchase point.

* For Super-Sponsors this refund deadline is the date of closing for Super-Sponsor registration! For 2022, that date is AUGUST 22, 2023, 11:59 pm EST.