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For general questions, comments, or concerns, please email [email protected].

Your email will be forwarded to the appropriate director or staff member. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome your input!

Email Directory

Department Email
Chairman/Operations [email protected]
Advertising/Communications [email protected]
Charity [email protected]
Programming [email protected]
Registration [email protected]
Accessibility [email protected]
Publications/Website [email protected]
Hospitality [email protected]
Volunteering [email protected]

Staff Roster

Directors & Team Leads

  • Manick - Chaircat / Director of Operations
    • Bossasaur - Accessibility Co-Lead
    • Morgain - Accessibility Co-Lead
    • Ysera - Accessibility Co-Lead / Art Auction Lead
    • Puzz - Security Lead
    • Goku - Shuttle Lead
    • taco - Website Lead
  • Kael - Director of the Bar
  • Kyriellus - Director of Charity
  • Merebear - Director of Communications
  • Oz Tigah - Co-Director of Hospitality
  • Rakedu - Co-Director of Hospitality
  • Blithe - Director of Logistics
  • Johann Faust - Director of Programming
    • Lil Dobe - AV Lead
    • Hitch - DJ Lead
    • Antnommer - Photography Lead
  • Minion - Director of Registration

Department Staff

  • Bar: Asch, Banner, Neitcze, Socks, Tsu, TylerDaWusky, Vade, Wes
  • Charity: Bossasaur, Kelson, Nova, Rel, Yitters
  • Hospitality: Crossfox, Destry, Hyjinks Hyena, Oakley, Razor, Safler
  • Operations: Alex Shire, Alpha, Fang, Goku, Morgain, Nikkiwuff, Puzz, Quuxum Mephitida, Taco, Topaz Roo, Ysera
  • Programming: Antnommer, Hitch, Lil Dobe, Topaz Roo
  • Registration: Hitch, Zydelski


North Park Lodge

North Ridge Drive

Allison Park, PA 15101